Sunday, June 14, 2009

sadDay. =(

okay. nothing to write actually. just a really hectic day of mine. lost my PURSE!!!(actually its the 'handbag')-and all of the valuable stuff in there. the most important thing: my ic,my lisence(dont care if i spell it wrongly) and my bank cards.! lots of passport-sized photos of mine, family and friends, my dear's id, my lab coat's badge(which supposed to be knitted on the lab coat). my bookstore cards, my anonymous cards and such...and thats not all. that is only stuffs IN my purse. while theres others IN the bag pulak. my compact powder and perfume that i just bought YESTERDAY okay!!! the earphone and important stuff again, my bundle of keys which is needed to open both my room and the rented house. im so fucked up!! ye, sy sedang memaki. harap maaf. sangat tertekan. damn me!! yess ME!!! i know this is terrible and sangat sangat bahaya but i know the blame is on me myself. im the one who is really over-damn-CUAI and being TOO ignorant of my belongings. yess, padan muka aku sendiri! nasib baik mak abah boleh faham. really sorry to abah. i didnt mean to trouble u this much. i know ive made mistakes ALOT and still keep doing it again as this just happened. i dont know why im being this way. why oh why.??? im too ignorant. im too........such a @@^&#$&%@$!$#@*!!!!!!!!!!! okay. now im ashamed. ashamed of u. ashamed of my sister. ashamed of my parents. and ashamed of myself. i shouldnt be this way!!! dear GOD, please help me!!! dont let anyone who took the bag do something bad to me. let him take the money and throw all the other stuffs anywhere. lagi bagus kalau semua barang tu dihapuskan. biarlah orang tu amik duit yang ada. just dont let the stuffs be with the man. please please please GOD. im really hoping for ur help rite now. im praying GOD. pleaseee..... =((

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